Going Unprepared: Doing some research work about the company & the profile you applied for will always help you present yourself better.

  • It shows your interest level towards the Job Opportunity.
  • It helps you to be prepared for the question coming from the interviewer
  • You know what kind of questions you must ask to get more clarity on the role

So always go prepared

Arriving Late / Too Early: Arriving late gives a bad impression whatever the reason may be. Reach the venue at least 15min before the time mentioned. It also helps you to settle down for a while & gives you an opportunity to observe little bit on the office culture & the treatment they provide.

Arriving too early is not a crime, but it just shows you are too desperate. Anytime before 30min is never advisable.

Dressing Inappropriately

First impression is the last impression. Yes, this is very important how you present yourself & your dressing sense makes a lot difference on what & how you see thing in your life. It surely does not mean that you should wear expensive clothes, NO…It does just mean that you should be dressed always in a professional way. Whether the position is junior or senior, whether the interviewer is in jeans or not, whether the company follows casual wear or not. Its always better to dress as a professional than not. Along with that what matters it how you look,

Your hair should be set, nails should be clean, shoes should be well polished, your makeup should be subtle & normal with minimum things on, you should not stink, pls use good perfume but do not overdo. If it’s a senior position, please carry a blazer & wear tie.

Playing or Using your Phone at the time of Interview:

Remember, the interviewer is ther for you, he has tekn time to understand your fitment & knowledge according to the requirement, hence pay attention to interview & the details which are being shared with you. It is a golden chance for you to get an opportunity to take your career to the next level

Low energy level:

Your energy level speaks a lot about the culrure the company gonna create wth your presence. Low energy gives negative vibes, hence no on e would want to even take the conversation further

Make an eye contact, be attentive, keep your energy high.

Confidence Level: Just have confidence on yourself, education you have & the work you have done in the past. Nothing nmore, nothing less. Having a confidence level doesn’t mean you have to bluff strongly on those points which you don’t even know. Just be yourself. Even if you don’t know certain things…Its OK. No one will sue you for this.

Bad Mouthing about your current or past employer: No one will ever want their employess to talk bad or wrong about them or their companies. It shows disrespecting someone who is helping you to get your bread & butter. So always remember, you can talk about certain changes which you may want to see in future companies, but never bad mouth about your past companies, it talks about who you are.

Last but not the least, Your Body Language:

How you shake your hands to how you walk, talk, Sit, keep your posture right gives lot many information to the interviewer. Your body language talks about the kind of person you are, your inner self, your confidence level, are you serious or just faking it. Many people have lost the opportunities specially when they did not give enough importance to their body language. We must remember that one is absolutely being judged on their every action & behavior at the time of interview, especially if the job includes client interaction & meeting.

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